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Re: Release

On Sun, 19 Dec 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:

There's nothing wrong with a direct reply to a list message, and it's discourteous to refuse them.

Would it be correct to claim equivalence -- more or less -- between your category "direct reply," and what I have been accustomed to call an "off-list reply?" I mean by that expression a private reply to a list subscriber without CC'ing that reply to the list itself.

I agree that such messages ought to be acknowledged by their recipient. Some seem to have a burr under their saddle as to this point. Never understood that, but then the 'burr' question is tangential to the events you described.

One overlooked "moral" to the story is this: if you are typing out an email address rather than copy-'n-pasting it you are asking for errors. <g>

Thank you.

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