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Re: Regarding the boot process.


On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 8:50 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Riza Dindir <> writes:
> >> I wonder if something in your boot.cfg is fixed to the disk number of
> >> the HD when you did the install.  I suggest checking what is in the boot
> >> options file /efi/netBSD/boot.cfg in the EFI partition.
> >
> > I did not check if there was a boot.cfg on the EFI partition. But i
> > have a boot.cfg in my root partition, that disables my radeon graphics
> > card, which did not have a driver (Radeon R7 m265), and have disabled
> > acpibat also in the boot. But will check if it has any references to
> > HDD numbers.
> The man page implies that UEFI boot reads /efi/netBSD/boot.cfg (odd
> capitalization verbatim from man page) and that it does not read
> /boot.cfg, but I am not confident about the man page.

Hmmm. That might be. I could equally well put the same boot.conf into
the EFI partition, and see if that changes the boot process. That way
I can see if it comes to that point where the EFI reads its own
boot.conf. Since I do not know where the boot process stops, at this
point, as Michael van Elst pointed out.

> >> WHen you say you can boot from USB3, is that with or without the system
> >> disk in the main HD slot?   Just telling the bios to boot from the first
> >> USB disK?
> >
> > Yes. The original win10 disk in the main HDD slot, and that boots
> > fine. I am able to use the system, the X server and a window manager
> > too.
> If that's UEFI boot too, then that's interesting, but I wonder if it's
> doing the older style and your system has /boot as well as efiboot.

I read somewhere that the efi boot files can be put into one HDD. But
this is the case, I suspect, when only one drive is in the system and
you are installing the other operating system on the same disk, into
another partition.

I did consider that, but found it too risky to do, since I could lose the drive.

But it might or should be possible to have two different drives, each
having their own EFI partition, but I am not sure.

> Read boot(8) very carefully and slowly, probably more than once, and try
> to look into everything it talks about.

I will do that.

> My guess is that things are close to working, and there might be a bug
> in your computers UEFI code.

I am thinking that too. It may be the firmware, or they did build
something in so that people can not change the system, not install any
new hardware. I contacted the technical service to ask this. They
responded that I need to bring the machine in to replace even the
RAM's, otherwise warranty will be voided. Go figure.

> It might be that explicitly forcing booting from wd1 would help.
> You could do that ia a menu so that you can also boot when it is the 1st
> (0) HD.

Maybe install a grub UEFI on the main HDD and use that to boot windows
or NetBSD.


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