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Re: Regarding the boot process.

Hello Greg,

On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 7:33 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Riza Dindir <> writes:
> > I try to use NetBSD from a "HDD caddy" which i installed on my laptop
> > in place of my DVD drive. When i try to boot the OS (NetBSD), it
> > prints out a string "mem [0x000000-0x000001 0xaaaa-0xbbb ...]" and
> > stops there. No boot menu, nothing.
> >
> > At what stage in the boot process is this string shown?
> That may be from the BIOS.
> What exactly are you doing when you "try to boot NetBSD"?

I am choosing the HDD in the caddy, from the bios boot menu.

> Is there an internal HD and what's on it?

The internal HDD has windows 10 on it. I do not want to loose that, in
case i need to get back to windows, for video conferencing apps, etc
that are not supported yet on NetBSD.

> If you put a different OS on the HD and boot the same way, does it boot?

I did not try putting a different OS on the HDD in the caddy.

What i tried though is this. I have removed the internal HDD (that
contains Win10) from the system and put the NetBSD disk in its place.
This booted NetBSD.

I also put the NetBSD disk into the caddy, but no internal HDD, NetBSD
booted without problems.

What i would like is to keep the internal disk, but have the system
boot from the caddy.

> Does your laptop use UEFI or BIOS booting?

I am using UEFI (no secure boot at the moment). The NetBSD disk also
has the UEFI partition (128MB) that contains the bootx64.efi, and
another *.efi file.
The NetBSD disk has the root partition, the swap, partitions as well.


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