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Re: mpv and estd and --vo=xv

On 13/07/2021 22:41, RVP wrote:

     When the processor is operating below these limits and the user's
     workload demands additional performance, the processor frequency will
     dynamically increase until the upper limit of frequency is reached.

But boost only scales up from the top clock speed to above the top speed it cant scale down or at least it can't on older generations of processor. To scale down for increased power saving on these older system you need a software clock control.

Later Intel CPUs gained the ability to do automatic clock scaling across the entire frequency range but I've never looked into how it has to be controlled. The only CPUs I've got that do it run Windows.

They keyword is Speed Shift as opposed to turbo boost. Only that can auto clock down/power down the core. Not sure if AMD have an equivalent but I'd be surprised if they dont.

I wasn't aware NetBSD had support for that.


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