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Re: mpv and estd and --vo=xv

On 11/07/2021 20:59, RVP wrote:
On Sun, 11 Jul 2021, Rhialto wrote:

I also use estd to dymamically throttle down the cpu freqency when the
system is not so busy. So most of the time it is set to 800 MHz, the
lowest possible value.

 From what nia@ tells me (and this is also in the guide: section 11.1.4.),
you shouldn't need estd at all:

     Many modern hardware supports an "automatic adjustment" frequency,
     usually this will be a reported frequency that ends in 1. On systems
     without this functionality, sysutils/estd can be installed from
     pkgsrc to perform automatic adjustment depending on load in software,
     although it will be less efficient than hardware scaling.

Ah thats good info that I DIDN'T know. Sadly all my BSD hardware is from the generations before the full 'auto adjust' was added. I think that's intel core gen 6 and mine is gen5. So in my case I really do need estd :(

On older hardware the xxx1 frequency in my hardware enables the turbo boost clocks which overclocks cores beyond the max. 4GHz to 4.4GHz in my case I think. I didn't realise that had been repurposed in newer cores to be (let the CPU adjust across all speeds) I sort of assumed that would be reported differently.

I do know that estd makes a significant different to temperature and power consumption when my system is idle vs when its busy.


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