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Re: IPF rules

On Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 07:39:20AM -0400, Todd Gruhn wrote:
> I started NetBSD, and shutoff IPF. Pinging and
> both got immediate
> results. If I left IPF down, and start FireFox, and goto
>, I get the "Critical Security Alert" popup,
> and the mouse gets frozen. I need to press the button, and reboot.

The site you probably want is unless you work for google.

> How much of this prob is IPF and how much is Google?

Probably neither, the previous comments about not breaking DNS stand regardless.

Brett Lymn
Sent from my NetBSD device.

"We are were wolves",
"You mean werewolves?",
"No we were wolves, now we are something else entirely",

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