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Re: vt100

Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:

> How to setup correctly vt100 in a terminal?
> I've set exported TERM=vt100, called tset and stty and I keep
> observing artifacts.

Heh.  This is not how terminals work.  Forget about terminal emulators
for a momemnt.  Back in the day people used real CRT terminals and
each terminal model understood/spoke its own language.  On the host
side you would use TERM variable to tell your *programs* which
language they need to speak.  If you were using, say, Wyse terminals,
you couldn't magically make them into a vt100 by setting TERM on the
host.  OTOH some (many?) terminals supported several languages and you
could use your terminal's setup menu to tell it to speak DEC VT.

> I've uploaded screen shot of xterm and script(1) recording.

The typescript looks strange.  Are you sure there was not accidental
conversion(s) to/from utf-8 somewhere along the path?


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