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Re: NetBSD on Amazon EC2

On Nov 8, 10:15pm, (el kalin) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: NetBSD on Amazon EC2

| well. ok. specifics...  i have 3 netbsd instances on aws. one is mostly
| testing and fortunately that was the one targeted first for reboot "because
| of scheduled maintenance". after the reboot this happens:


| this also happens if i try starting a new instance with any of the official
| netbsd 6 and 7 images.
| if the assumption that the rebooted instance is moved to a kvm host is
| correct, then, yes the current official images are not working. or any of
| the "community" ones for that matter. it's also worth noting that it seems
| that the official netbsd aws builds page has not been updated for about 2
| years.

So some things are in flux:

It seems that NetBSD does not boot anymore because the XEN configuration
at AWS to not accept linear mappings that the NetBSD kernel pmap requires
and it would be a lot of work to fix it. Hopefully using the new hypervisor
might be the easier path to success.


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