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Re: NetBSD on Amazon EC2

On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 10:58 PM, Christos Zoulas <> wrote:
On Nov 8, 10:15pm, (el kalin) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: NetBSD on Amazon EC2

| well. ok. specifics...  i have 3 netbsd instances on aws. one is mostly
| testing and fortunately that was the one targeted first for reboot "because
| of scheduled maintenance". after the reboot this happens:


| this also happens if i try starting a new instance with any of the official
| netbsd 6 and 7 images.
| if the assumption that the rebooted instance is moved to a kvm host is
| correct, then, yes the current official images are not working. or any of
| the "community" ones for that matter. it's also worth noting that it seems
| that the official netbsd aws builds page has not been updated for about 2
| years.

So some things are in flux:

It seems that NetBSD does not boot anymore because the XEN configuration
at AWS to not accept linear mappings that the NetBSD kernel pmap requires
and it would be a lot of work to fix it. Hopefully using the new hypervisor
might be the easier path to success.


ok. that apparently doesn't help that much to anybody that is currently running netbsd in production on aws... a relatively good news is that my freebsd machines are still booting...

i guess the most important piece of information in the article above is this: 

"the majority of applications will function the same way under both Xen and the new EC2 hypervisor as long as the operating system has the needed support for ENA networking and NVMe storage."

from what i can gather from the aws community ami section the latest freebsd versions there are tagged as "ENA Enabled: Yes". the 11 and 12. the older ones are not. and according to their latest man pages those same systems come with nvme driver. i guess that's a good news for the fbsd flavor.

how's that looking like for netbsd? is it really that nobody else runs production nbsd instances on aws or if more people do, they are unaware of what would happened if they need to reboot?

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