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Re: Massive interrupt storm when DPMS active

Mike Pumford a écrit :
BERTRAND Joël wrote:
Mike Pumford a écrit :

     Same observation here with a i7/4770 and a custom kernel built from
CVS tree (netbsd_7). Do you have found any fix ?

Actually its fixed for me in the netbsd_7 build I did on 21/11/2015 with
sources checked out from that day.

I still see the:
DRM error in intel_uncore_check_errors: Unclaimed register before interrupt

message but i get one of them when the screen blanks and then the system
goes properly idle with no interrupt storm so I assume someone added the
code to disable the interrupt in that scenario until the screen is

OK. I suppose this issue is related to Xorg and not to kernel itself as I have rebuilt a up-to-date netbsd_7 kernel yesterday. Do you have upgraded your Xorg installation ?

Will probably be putting a more up to date kernel on there sometime in
the next week or so I'll test again then.



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