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Re: sharing /usr/src over nfs between multiple platforms

"Scott Burns" <Scott.Burns%SeQent.Com@localhost> writes:

> Now that I understand things I think I will just build both the amd64 and
> evbarm kernels on the amd64 box as it is much faster. I have more than
> enough disk there to keep both tool chains and obj's.

That's the normal cross process, using a fast machine.

> Goal is just to tweak device drivers in the kernel, primarily on the evbarm
> platform, as I play with various usb devices that may not be in the default
> kernel or I want to change code for.

When you just want to rebuild a kernel, you can run nbconfig and
nbmake-evbarm from the tools dir to build kernels without the full
release.  But you may find that just redoing the release build is fast
enough, if you use update builds.

> Long term I will be playing with some pvm/crl/pdos stuff on around 10
> Raspberry PI 2's NFS served disk off a AMD64 notebook.

You may want to cross-build pkgsrc.  But that would be far more of an
adventure, as it's outside of normal now (I haven't done it myself), and
only works for some packges.

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