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sharing /usr/src over nfs between multiple platforms

I am a relative newbie to cross-platform kernel building.

I have a AMD64 based notebook installed with NetBSD/amd64 v7.0 (AMD64)
	- "src" installed and custom kernel built successfully.

I have exported /usr/src on AMD64 via nfs to a Raspberry PI 2 running
NetBSD/armv7 v7.0. (ARMV7)

On ARMV7 after working through manual creation of "/usr/obj" I am now
executing "sh tools".

Once done I assume I can build a kernel ok on the ARMV7 machine.

My question is related to the process of "sh tools" executing on
the ARMV7 platform:
	1. Are the built tools stored under /usr/src?
	2. If 1. is true is this process:
		a) overwriting the tools I built on the AMD64 machine
		b) Not overwriting as the tools have specific platform dirs
under /usr/src
		c) Not overwriting as the tools are stored under /usr
somewhere other than /usr/src

Thank you

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