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Re: sharing /usr/src over nfs between multiple platforms

On 2015-12-17 05:13, Scott Burns wrote:
I am a relative newbie to cross-platform kernel building.

I have a AMD64 based notebook installed with NetBSD/amd64 v7.0 (AMD64)
	- "src" installed and custom kernel built successfully.

I have exported /usr/src on AMD64 via nfs to a Raspberry PI 2 running
NetBSD/armv7 v7.0. (ARMV7)

On ARMV7 after working through manual creation of "/usr/obj" I am now
executing "sh tools".

Once done I assume I can build a kernel ok on the ARMV7 machine.

Yes. There is also no need to build the tools first. They are built as a part of the full build procedure as well. Not sure what you mean by manual creation of /usr/obj. You just need to create that one directory, and then the build process will create everything underneath.

My question is related to the process of "sh tools" executing on
the ARMV7 platform:
	1. Are the built tools stored under /usr/src?

No. /usr/obj.

	2. If 1. is true is this process:
		a) overwriting the tools I built on the AMD64 machine
		b) Not overwriting as the tools have specific platform dirs
under /usr/src
		c) Not overwriting as the tools are stored under /usr
somewhere other than /usr/src

In addition, the actual tools are placed in a directory that is specific to the version of the system, the target architecture, and possibly some other details I might have forgotten. But the reason for this is that you might be building for several different architectures on one machine, and you do not want those toolsets to overwrite each other.

Thank you

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