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Re: sharing /usr/src over nfs between multiple platforms


> I have exported /usr/src on AMD64 via nfs to a Raspberry PI 2 running
> NetBSD/armv7 v7.0. (ARMV7)

I would recommend mounting /usr/src read-only on all the machines that you
build on.  That will ensure that you never inadvertently write to the
sources (or any future build bugs don't).

> On ARMV7 after working through manual creation of "/usr/obj" I am now
> executing "sh tools".

> My question is related to the process of "sh tools" executing on
> the ARMV7 platform:
> 	1. Are the built tools stored under /usr/src?
> 	2. If 1. is true is this process:
> 		a) overwriting the tools I built on the AMD64 machine
> 		b) Not overwriting as the tools have specific platform dirs
> under /usr/src
> 		c) Not overwriting as the tools are stored under /usr
> somewhere other than /usr/src

When I run, I set:

  MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/obj/$ARCH	# or target ARCH if cross-build
  TOOLDIR=$MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX/$SRCDIR/tools/tools.`uname -s`-`uname -r`-$ARCH

and pass "-M $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX -T $TOOLDIR -D $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX/build" to, so that everything is separated under /usr/obj/ by destination
architecture.  You could also run cross builds by passing "-m <target-ARCH>"
to, and do both your amd64 and arm builds on the (faster) amd64.
(I also NFS mount /usr/obj.)

I usually have custom kernel configurations outside the source tree, and I
set $KERNCONFDIR for those, and if I'm building from sources not under
/usr/src, I set $NETBSDSRCDIR and $X11SRCDIR.



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