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Re: Dbus issues

On 2 Dec 2015 at 9:50, Swift Griggs wrote:

> On Tue, 1 Dec 2015, Mitt Green wrote:
> > I'm troubling starting X on a newly installed system.
> Dbus errors are keeping you from starting X? Do you mean it's keeping your 
> X environment from being usable and coming up fully to GNOME or that it's 
> somehow crashing or interfering with X? Xorg under NetBSD doesn't require 
> dbus (thank goodness).
> > Errors are:
> >  - Could not connect to ConsoleKit, no /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket
> > file;
> Perhaps try stubing the file with a empty file or link to /dev/null ?
> > I don't have dbus in rc.d. Reinstalling dbus also doesn't help. System - 
> > NetBSD 7.0. I am trying to get GNOME2 working.
> Sorry, and nothing personal, but I kind of doubt you'll see much in the 
> way of help on that. GNOME[2] isn't the most appealing hairball for folks 
> to put energy into. Personally, I see dbus as the armpit of GNOME.  My 
> impression is that most NetBSD users use a lighter weight environment then 
> just pick-and-choose from GNOME and KDE. Ie.. for example I run Fluxbox 
> but I (very) occasionally use KDE's Amarok or GNOME's Evolution. However, 
> like a lot of NetBSD users, I spend 90% of my time in regular xterm or 
> just on the console. I realize those are style-issues, but still somewhat 
> germane.


I used Netbsd-1.x back in late 90s then switched to FreeBSD as
I couldn't get NetBSD-2 to work on my hardware. I moved back to
NetBSD-3 and since then haven't needed Linux or FreeBSD.

My servers, desktops and netbooks are all running NetBSD-7. 
Desktops and netbooks have both Gnome and xfce4 installed
although I never got around to setting up xfce.

My first suggestion would be to either edit rc.conf and add:

or use 
"/etc/rc.d/gdm etc onestart"

assuming you have the needed files in /etc/rc.d. The rc.d
files should be found in /usr/pkg/share/.
When disk space was more limited I've previously used fvwm 
and xfce. 


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