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Re: NetBSD/i386 7.0 hangs booting 486

On Nov 24,  1:02pm, ("William D. Jones") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: NetBSD/i386 7.0 hangs booting 486

| Was this a regression from the problems that I had in February? Or did 
| gcc/llvm make changes to their code that assume CPUID exists 
| unconditionally? I seem to recall the problem last time was i386-specific 
| code in the NetBSD source tree proper unconditionally trying to call CPUID. 
| I should've been updating my kernel more frequently :/, but alas my time 
| management isn't great.

Yes, it was the same problem, and your report helped fixing it :-) 
| LLVM doesn't support anything lower than the Pentium, so I'm unsure if 
| they'll accept the patch :(.

I know, but they still have code that supports i386 and they follow the
same API's as gcc... So they are 1/2 broken:

The check for level is missing here:

And the bug report for gcc:


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