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Re: NetBSD/i386 7.0 hangs booting 486

In article <>,
Felix Deichmann  <> wrote:
>just tried to boot NetBSD/i386 7.0 (LEGACY kernel) on a 486 DX2 with 48 
>MB RAM. Installation was done on a recent amd64 machine to a 2 GB IDE 
>disk which was put into the 486 then (yes, its BIOS can fully recognize 
>the CHS geometry, but can this be the problem?). I can also see no IRQ 
>conflicts etc., it is just a basic machine right now.
>Unfortunately it hangs when accessing the filesystem:
>root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
>root file system type: ffs
>I can at least scroll the kernel output with shift + arrow keys, but 
>nothing else happens.
>How to proceed now? Maybe try NetBSD-6 to get an idea of the problem?

Can you get into ddb with <ctrl><alt><esc>?


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