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Re: (tutorial) How to use PulseAudio on NetBSD

On Thu, 19 Nov 2015, Roy Bixler wrote:
I dislike pulseaudio for both architectural and performance reasons, so I adopted the option outlined in the above pkgsrc-bugs link and it did allow me to play audio in Firefox 41 without pulseaudio.

This discussion is a bit confusing. Firefox is able to play audio just fine on my NetBSD 7.0 box without me running pulseaudio. I'm speaking specifically of Flash doing the audio-playing. Since you already seem to know what a disappointing experience using Pulseaudio can be, I'm wondering why folks are fiddling with it at all? Why not just let Flash play via BSD/SUN audio? That works fine on my setup. Do you guys have some special requirements?

Someone pointed me to Jack audio as a good alternative to Pulseaudio,

I'd run Esound (esd), Network Audio Server (NAS), JACK, or even aRts/Phonon before I stooped to running Pulseaudio. JACK is pretty geared toward folks running a DAW or sequencer, though. It has a lot of fiddly options. IMHO, Esound is the most straightforward, least buggy, and best performing out of the bunch. It has the advantage of also being the smallest with the least dependencies. Flash isn't going to work with it, but if you use esd's "-as" flag it would at least release the sound device for Flash to use when esd isn't playing anything. I remember on Linux there used to be an LD_PRELOAD wrapper that you could make applications that were not Esound aware use the daemon anyhow (including Flash).

If all this is for the sake of Adobe Flash, it might be time to reconsider or change directions. Flash is the biggest attack-surface and digital disease vector left on the desktop. I've uninstalled it everywhere except on a virtual machine I keep resetting back to a snapshot every time I browse the net with it (and Flash enabled). I've seen a significant number of folks I'd consider "power users" (not devs, but smart savvy users) who have been infected with various electronic pathogens by (ostensibly) malicious Flash embedded into online ads. I predict Flash will become persona-non-grata across the board on desktops and tablets soon, as other DRM'd video options are coming into their own, now.

I see that there is a pkgsrc package for Jack, so maybe I'll explore integrating it into Firefox if I have time. Or has someone already gotten this to work?

Jack should work, but again, I'm wondering why you want that versus just letting it talk to /dev/audio ?

This might be of some interest to you:


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