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Re: RAIDframe changes its unit number

Robert Elz wrote:

> In this case, rather than finding two different raid0's, and "fixing"
> things by changing one of them (in this case, unfortunately it seems,
> the "wrong" one) to raid1, a better solution would have been to just
> blather on the console about the problem, and refuse to configure
> either of them

Indeed. I would prefer this behaviour over what happened to me now.

> in this case, most likely, the boot would simply have failed (I'm
> guessing) and the added drive with the irrelevant raid0 on it would
> just have been removed again, and all would have reverted to normal

The only problem I see here is: how to clear the RAID disklabel from it,
when you can't get access to any of your file systems? You could only
insert it into a second system, preferably one without RAID.

Frank Wille

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