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RAIDframe changes its unit number


these days I have set up a Synology DS209j with a RAID-1 kernelized RAIDframe,
using the components /dev/wd0a and /dev/wd1a.

All worked well, so I started to test some failure scenarios.

Disconnecting wd0 was fine and the system boots from wd1a with "component0

Then I replaced wd0 with another disk, which previously also has been
auto-configured as /dev/raid0 during some tests, but is otherwise completely
different. Now the system started with /dev/raid0 and /dev/raid1, where
both showed a failed component.

Ok, I realized my error and zeroed wd0's MBR and disklabel. But after a
reboot my RAIDframe was still auto-configured as /dev/raid1, although raid0
no longer existed! Even disconnecting wd0 didn't change that.

And, even worse, when I connect my original wd0a component again I get
raid0 with wd0a and failed component1, and raid1 with wd1a and failed

Is it possible to change the "Last configured as..." setting on wd1 back
to raid0? Or do I have to reconstruct wd1 from wd0 now?

And wouldn't it be nice to fix RAIDframe, so that a previous /dev/raid1
is automatically configured as /dev/raid0 again, when raid0 does not exist
in the system? Or doesn't that make sense for some reason?


Frank Wille

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