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Re: RAIDframe changes its unit number

Greg Oster wrote:

>> And wouldn't it be nice to fix RAIDframe, so that a
>> previous /dev/raid1 is automatically configured as /dev/raid0 again,
>> when raid0 does not exist in the system? Or doesn't that make sense
>> for some reason?
> Imagine a system where /dev/raid0a is /, /dev/raid1e is /tmp,
> and /dev/raid2e is /bigdatabase.  Further, suppose that raid1 'goes
> away', and that now /dev/raid2e is magically configured as /dev/raid1e.
> What happens on boot when /tmp is cleared, given that /etc/fstab hasn't
> changed to reflect the new location of /bigdatabase?

Ok, that's a valid reason. You really don't want that to happen. ;)

> I agree that it'd be nice to have an IOCTL for raidctl to change which
> device a RAID set will show up as on next reboot... It's not that hard
> to do -- just requires time to do a little coding.

Yes. I already had a look into the code myself. You only have to change the
last_unit field in the ComponentLabel? And add a new option for raidctl?

Frank Wille

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