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Re: Rust on Rumprun

On 27/09/15 17:15, Antti Kantee wrote:
On 27/09/15 16:49, Sebastian Wicki wrote:
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Rust programming language now has support
for Rumprun [1] in upstream. This includes support for the Rust
standard library, which now works properly with NetBSDs libc as well.

Awesome!  I'm cc'ing, since no doubt folks
running "just" NetBSD will also be excited about your work.

The rumprun-packages repository contains a Makefile with README [2]
that will build a Rust cross-compiler and the cargo package manager /
build tool. It also builds a small tool called "cargo rumpbake", which
will invoke "rumpbake" automatically on generated binaries. Using
cargo or cargo-rumpbake is optional, invoking rumpbake directly will
work as well. Baking currently only works for a single executable (see
the prevous thread about multibake symbol issues [3]). Also, working
NetBSD support in Rust fairly new, so there might be bugs.

The obligatory screenshot can be found my personal blog [4]. Feedback
and testing is always welcome.

The package also builds for a very long time ;)

I'm currently waiting for the build to finish to repeat your results ...
I need a faster computer.

Armed with quite a while of not looking, rustc and cargo seem to have built just fine and from what I can observe from compiling/running the simple examples bundled in the package, they also appear to work.

Good show!

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