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Re: Why doesn't NetBSD recognize my entries in /etc/hosts?

On 2015-09-19 00:48, Eric Haszlakiewicz wrote:
On September 18, 2015 5:22:43 PM EDT, Johnny Billquist <> wrote:
Hum. That's what *text* mode in ftp is there for... :-)
The various conventions on how text files indicate newlines in
operating systems should not carry across. Someone running ftp in
mode when they shouldn't? :-)

Which, afaik, doesn't apply to things fetched over http.  Don't get stuck on the fact that the tool mentioned happens to be called "ftp", which historically had features that are questionable for current usages.

http is a different protocol, right. Questionable features? Well, obviously transferring text as text, without the idiosyncrasies of individual OSes carrying over is, in my mind, not a questionable feature, but a really good one.

http actually tries to also solve this problem, but with the content metadata. But http is a poor protocol, where lots of things can, and do go wrong.

While perhaps convenient occasionally, in my experience having a file transfer tool "adjust" your file, especially by default and silently, has led to more problems than it solves.

Problem is that people seems to never have understood when to transfer files in binary, and when in text mode. And it has carried over to all kind of things. Now, the solution to people not understanding the problem, or the tools, is not to try and ignore the problem.

But that is just my opinion. :-)


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