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Re: Why doesn't NetBSD recognize my entries in /etc/hosts?

On 2015-09-16 19:09, Ottavio Caruso wrote:

I put domains that I want to block in /etc/hosts preceded by
but I can still ping them.

I rebooted, but I can still ping them.

Then I have mass-changed all entries from to and I
can still ping them.

Rebooted, same thing.

Why can I do this effortlessly with Windows and Linux but not with NetBSD?

First of all, using /etc/hosts as a way of block domains is extremely unreliable and not really a meaningful way of actually block anything.

Second, I guess you haven't heard of /etc/nsswitch.conf. It also exists in Linux. It tells which methods are used, and in which order. It might be that you have dns before files.

Changing a destination to, and then pinging it, why would you expect it to not work. will most likely respond to pings. Pinging will also give some result. Most probably your default gateway machine.

Maybe you should try and learn about /etc/hosts.deny as well as ipfilters?


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