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Binary solution for security advisory 2014-009..012?

Hello, NetBSD Users.

In the NetBSD security advisories released on September 8 (i.e. 2014-009
to 2014-012 [1][2][3][4]) there are no binary-only instructions; the
only instructions are for compiling from source.

I'm not adverse to compiling from source, but so far I have avoided
needing to do that and have simply applied binary fixes according to
the instructions in each security advisory.  (I'm running 6.1.4.)  My
question, then, is what is the normal way to stay fully patched when
running the latest stable version not compiled from source?  Is it
normal to try to do what I've been doing, and the security advisories
noted above should have included binary instructions but didn't?  Or
is it basically required that I have a full source tree and be able to
compile the kernel and userland in order to address security advisories?

Thank you!



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