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Re: Binary solution for security advisory 2014-009..012?

In article <>,
J. Lewis Muir <> wrote:
>Hello, NetBSD Users.
>In the NetBSD security advisories released on September 8 (i.e. 2014-009
>to 2014-012 [1][2][3][4]) there are no binary-only instructions; the
>only instructions are for compiling from source.
>I'm not adverse to compiling from source, but so far I have avoided
>needing to do that and have simply applied binary fixes according to
>the instructions in each security advisory.  (I'm running 6.1.4.)  My
>question, then, is what is the normal way to stay fully patched when
>running the latest stable version not compiled from source?  Is it
>normal to try to do what I've been doing, and the security advisories
>noted above should have included binary instructions but didn't?  Or
>is it basically required that I have a full source tree and be able to
>compile the kernel and userland in order to address security advisories?
>Thank you!

All four are kernel related, so you just need to get a fresh kernel and modules
from the build cluster; alas it is down right now, but it should be up tonight.


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