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Re: Can I use a native Linux installation as DomU?

   On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 09:13:01AM -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:
   >    I am stuck on networking. My Dom0 uses wifi, which is bridged with
   >    bridge0.
   >    By setting static IP on DomU I was able to ssh/network with Dom0 but not
   >    able to connect with the internet. May be I have to do packet forwarding
   >    explicitly on Dom0. But that sounds a little roundabout.
   >    Perhaps my situation is same as described here:
   > Yes, you are almost certainly running into that issue, as I did.  There

   On DomU all I need is a browser to work. I thought SOCKS proxy via Dom0
   would be a quicker solution, though it's application layer. It is working
   also - if I provide ip address of a website. However I do not know how to
   make DNS requests go via ssh proxy. If I could do that I can browse from
   DomU using SOCKS.


Ya, I messed a bit with that notion, except I used tinyproxy, and found
that the lack of DNS made it simpler to use NAT on DOM0.  I suppose if you
installed a DNS cache server on DOM0 and pointed the guests there it
something like SOCKS or tinyproxy would function.  I didn't have time to
mess around with that, and NAT ended up being simpler.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS  - & - [IPv6 only]

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