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Re: Can I use a native Linux installation as DomU?

On Sun, Aug 24, 2014 at 10:41:09PM +0100, Gerard Lally wrote:
> Perhaps Fedora already specifies mounts this way; Slackware doesn't.

Yes, they already use UUID in Fedora.

> I also found it easier to set up if I used LVM. Another thing you should
> do while in bare-metal Fedora is set up SSH, VNC and/or XDMCP, so that
> you will be able to log into Fedora when it's running as a domU.

I am stuck on networking. My Dom0 uses wifi, which is bridged with

By setting static IP on DomU I was able to ssh/network with Dom0 but not
able to connect with the internet. May be I have to do packet forwarding
explicitly on Dom0. But that sounds a little roundabout.

Perhaps my situation is same as described here:

Will investigate.


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