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graceful shutdown from Virtualbox with NetBSD 5.x as a guest - with no network

I have a couple of NetBSD 5.2 servers running as VirtualBox guests (OpenIndiana host). Every now and then (~every 2 weeks), the network falls over and they lose their ethernet interfaces, as does the OI server sometimes - the only way I've been able to get it going again is to remove & replace a driver on the OI server and reboot everything - normally this is just a minor PITA, but I am going overseas for three weeks and won't be able to do it while I'm gone.

So, a Q&D hack - every night, reboot everything anyway and start the VB guests from a script - it's ugly I know, but means at worst the servers are down for 24 hrs.

For this to work, I need to gracefully shut down the NetBSD guests, but when I run VB's acpipowerbutton from VBoxmanage it does a firm kill - it doesn't seem to run the shutdown scripts that normally happen when you shutdown a box. Running acpipowerbutton on the Linux guests does the right thing, it takes them through a graceful shutdown, but not so with NetBSD 5.2.x, AFAIK anyway.

Can anyone here suggest (or tell me what I'm doing wrong! And no, I'm not getting off the OI server, ZFS is too big a win) how best to gracefully shut down the NetBSD guests given that I have to assume that the network is not available to connect? I can just do it from a cronjob on the BSD boxes, but that's even clunkier.

Thank you


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