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Raidframe startup / shutdown procedures

We are looking to deploy a server using two RAIDframe RAID 5 sets located on
HP Fibre Channel drives hung directly off an isp0 controller.  

RAID sets are standard files systems (not root). RAID sets are all
configured and set to auto-config (raidctl -A yes raidx).

Config files are stored in /etc as raid0.conf and raid1.conf.

Currently server shutdown / reboot seems to work properly.

My question is should we be adding to /etc/rc.conf:


This one probably isn't required but is there a benefit to using this method
rather than auto-config?


1) Does the above basically perform a 'fsck' equivalent (ie. check the
parity calc) against the parity on the drives at start-up?

2)  Is this called prior to the processing of fstab (ie. before mounting)?

Thank you

Thank you

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