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Re: Security advisory points to non-existing files on

> Salut,

> On Sat, Jul 05, 2014 at 09:00:49AM +0200, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:
>> gives instructions on how to patch (which is really unacceptably
>> complicated, but that's a different story ...) for OpenSSL
>> vulnerabilities. One is instructed to download files from daily builds
>> on
>> Solutions and Workarounds
>> ...
>> - From tarballs:
>> ...
>> To obtain fixed binaries, fetch the appropriate base.tgz and comp.tgz
>> from a daily build later than the fix dates, from
>> with a date 20140607* or larger, and your release version and architecture
>> (e.g. 
>> and then extract the files:
>> ...
>> ...
>> It's just that I cannot find any builds for stable branches (e.g.,
>> netbsd-6-1) any more.  They were there past Monday (Jun 30), but now I
>> only find binaries for HEAD.
>> Does anyone have any information on
>> a) Where to find said tarballs?
>> b) What happened to the existing ones?
>> c) How to get the SA-instructions adjusted to avoid that more people run
>> into this problem?

> As it is the nature of daily build, the daily builds from the fix date
> have already been replaced with more recent versions. The above URL was
> put in as an example for people who want to know what a full path would
> look like; that's why it says «e.g.» in the beginning. In reality, you
> can choose any build later than the fix date, e.g. the one from today,
> and you'll be fine.

> Hope that helps,

Well, actually no. Maybe I didn't express myself clear enough.

I just checked again, and I cannot find **ANY** builds **AT ALL** from
stable branches, only from HEAD, so there is nothing to choose from.

Today there is **ONE** build from netbsd-5-1, but none from netbsd-6*.

So my questions still stand.

BTW, I'm looking at

I take that to be the correct place? (I tried ftp: as well. No
difference - which is as expected.)

                                Best regards,

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