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Re: Security advisory points to non-existing files on


On Sat, Jul 05, 2014 at 09:00:49AM +0200, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:
> gives instructions on how to patch (which is really unacceptably
> complicated, but that's a different story ...) for OpenSSL
> vulnerabilities. One is instructed to download files from daily builds
> on
>     Solutions and Workarounds
>     ...
>     - From tarballs:
>     ...
>     To obtain fixed binaries, fetch the appropriate base.tgz and comp.tgz
>     from a daily build later than the fix dates, from
>     with a date 20140607* or larger, and your release version and architecture
>     (e.g. 
>     and then extract the files:
>     ...
>     ...
> It's just that I cannot find any builds for stable branches (e.g.,
> netbsd-6-1) any more.  They were there past Monday (Jun 30), but now I
> only find binaries for HEAD.
> Does anyone have any information on
> a) Where to find said tarballs?
> b) What happened to the existing ones?
> c) How to get the SA-instructions adjusted to avoid that more people run
>    into this problem?

As it is the nature of daily build, the daily builds from the fix date
have already been replaced with more recent versions. The above URL was
put in as an example for people who want to know what a full path would
look like; that's why it says «e.g.» in the beginning. In reality, you
can choose any build later than the fix date, e.g. the one from today,
and you'll be fine.

Hope that helps,


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