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Re: NPF: newbie experiencing some strange behavior (solved)

On 06/17/2014 11:32 PM, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
On 6/17/14, 4:02 PM, g.lister wrote:
The next rule there is

pass out final all

I think it should be evaluated as it is after the blocking of TCP
transactions so UDP should be going out, but following your comment I
played around with allowing everything and/or adding a rule for UDP
and I could get some date from a look up only when I let everything
in and out. I think I am forgetting something about DNS and how query
responses are delivered...

Hi, George.

Is the "pass out final all" rule stateful by default?  If not, then your
UDP query may be going out, but NPF would be blocking the response since
I don't see a rule to pass it in.

Hi Lewis,

Nope I do not have that in the rule. I added it and changed things a bit and now it works, thanks!!!

Here is the final conf:

group (name "internal_net", interface wm0) {
        block in all
        pass stateful in final proto tcp to port 40200
        pass stateful in final proto udp to port 13568
        pass stateful out final all

A client DNS query usually uses a UDP connection to a DNS server on port
53, but it can sometimes use a TCP connection on port 53.  It will send
a query to the server and expect a response.  It looks like your NPF
rules might be blocking that response.

I was checking this again today and UDP is used for queries and responses but TCP for zone transfers. I think my original rule set was too restrictive and incomplete, as you kindly pointed out, and I was not getting the response back so timeout.


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