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Re: NPF: newbie experiencing some strange behavior

On 06/17/2014 10:02 PM, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
On 6/17/14, 2:17 PM, g.lister wrote:
I think the 'pass final on lo0 all' should be quick-evaluated (no
further rule processing should be done) and connectivity to the local
named server should not be an issue... the snippet is straight from
the examples.

I tried playing around with different settings in the config removing
stuff and adding stuff to see which might be the offending definition
as my intentions and setup are quite detailed so I simplified to what
I think are bare bones and as soon as I turn NPF on things don't work
network wise.

Any hints or ideas are welcome!
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

Hi, George.

I'm not an NPF expert, in fact, I haven't even used NPF--yet, but are
you aware that your DNS request is likely UDP?  And even though you're
connecting to a local DNS server, unless it has a cache of the answer to
your DNS query, it will need to in turn make a query to a DNS server on
the Internet to answer your query.

That is a very good point :)

I see in your rules the following line:

pass stateful in final proto tcp to port 40200 apply "log"

The next rule there is

pass out final all

I think it should be evaluated as it is after the blocking of TCP transactions so UDP should be going out, but following your comment I played around with allowing everything and/or adding a rule for UDP and I could get some date from a look up only when I let everything in and out. I think I am forgetting something about DNS and how query responses are delivered...

Thanks Lewis for getting me going on that path.

So, is that a rule just for TCP?  If so, what rule do you have for UDP?
Or is all your UDP traffic getting dropped, and hence your DNS look-up


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