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naviserver on NetBSD: is Linux emulation possible?


naviserver is a fork of AOLserver, which is a high-performing web server
based on Tcl.

I am interested in naviserver because I am learning Tcl, and I would
like to see how far I can go developing web applications in Tcl without
using the standard Apache-MySQL-PHP stack.

However, I have been unable to install naviserver from source on NetBSD
6 or current. I do not have the errors at hand but as far as I remember
they related to pthreads. There is no pkgsrc entry available.

Could naviserver perhaps run under Linux emulation in NetBSD? I have
never tried Linux emulation. I can build naviserver on Slackware. I
don't think there would be too many libraries to carry over. I'd like
to know if it's possible and relatively straightforward before I invest
too much time in it.

Gerard Lally

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