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Re: naviserver on NetBSD: is Linux emulation possible?

Gerard Lally <> writes:

> However, I have been unable to install naviserver from source on NetBSD
> 6 or current. I do not have the errors at hand but as far as I remember
> they related to pthreads. There is no pkgsrc entry available.
> Could naviserver perhaps run under Linux emulation in NetBSD? I have
> never tried Linux emulation. I can build naviserver on Slackware. I
> don't think there would be too many libraries to carry over. I'd like
> to know if it's possible and relatively straightforward before I invest
> too much time in it.

It might, but genarally complicated things under Linux emulation can
lead to having to spiff up the linux emulation, and it may be easier to
get it to build natively.

You might try to create a pkgsrc entry in pkgsrc-wip.  Then others could
help wtih debugging from whereever you get stuck.  It could just be code
that is Linuxy in including headers from the system it was written on
rather than strictly following POSIX.  Or it could be using things at
the edge of what NetBSD supports for threads but actually within POSIX.
I would expect that you'll need to refer to the specs;
threads are quite hard to get right.

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