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Re: email management under netbsd : any simple strategies?

Hello Mayuresh,

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 06:18:35PM +0000, Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
> hello,
> i have been using mutt under various linux based systems as
> well as under freebsd.
> looks like the mutt under netbsd (via pkgin) doesn't support
> smtp (yet).
> may i know what kind of strategy mutt aficionados use to get
> mutt working well under netbsd?
> if there isn't a simple way, may i know what would be a good
> approach to email (imap + smtp) at the netbsd console?
I personally use mail/msmtp for SMTP, mail/fdm for IMAP and
mail/mutt-devel as MUA.

As Manuel and Gary suggested you can use postfix(1) in base or build
mail/mutt-devel with "mutt-smtp" option.

I suggest you to use postfix(1) or configure something like mail/msmtp.
If you do the latter remember to adjust /etc/mailer.conf (for more
information please give a look to mailer.conf(5)), e.g. (for msmtp):

 #sendmail      /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail
 mailq          /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail
 newaliases     /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail
 sendmail /usr/pkg/bin/msmtp

...mainly because in this way you can also send emails not only with
mutt (for example with send-pr(1)).


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