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Re: email management under netbsd : any simple strategies?

In article <53a0c022.UFXWGXXvZ/>,  
<> wrote:
>Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
>> > [I] have been using mutt under various linux based systems as
>> > well as under freebsd.
>> > 
>> > [L]ooks like the mutt under netbsd (via pkgin) doesn't support
>> > smtp (yet).
>> > ...
>> I just setup postfix to relay everything to the mail server.
>> then mutt can use /usr/sbin/sendmail
>Tangentially related...
>I recently became aware of libsaslc(3) on NetBSD which can be used with
>the native Postfix MTA to add SASL client support (authentication + SSL)
>when setting up smarthost relaying, a common end-user need.  There didn't
>seem to be much documentation on how to set things up so I wrote the
>following (example is specific to but should work similarly for
>most smarthosts):
>Postfix MTA using libsaslc(3) on NetBSD 6.x:
>Might be nice to add to the NetBSD Guide email/postfix section.

Thanks for doing that. I meant to write something similar but never got
around to it.


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