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Re: openbsd -> netbsd : same yet feels different ...

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 03:58:29PM +0100, atomicules wrote:
> On 17-Jun-2014 16:45:10, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> >On 17 June 2014 16:38, atomicules <> wrote:
> >>Just use it day to day. I don't see that NetBSD has to be reserved to a
> >>system/server role
> >
> >Sure, but this is unfortunately not in Netbsd's hands. Most modern
> >graphical applications depend on/are built on udev/systemd. Let's see
> >what happens with pulseaudio for example. We (all *bsd + slackware and
> >a few other distros) might end up one day with no sound platform.
> Ah, yes, perhaps I should have qualified that currently I have no need for
> audio or anything too modern. I've regressed my computing over the years
> from flashy and modern (E.g. Apple's Mail client) to plain and old (Mutt).
> Perhaps that's why NetBSD suits me?

i agree with atomicules, i too have simplified my computing needs.
netbsd console feels just good enough for me, hope i can continue with it.


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