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Re: openbsd -> netbsd : same yet feels different ...

On 17-Jun-2014 16:45:10, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
On 17 June 2014 16:38, atomicules <> wrote:
Just use it day to day. I don't see that NetBSD has to be reserved to a
system/server role

Sure, but this is unfortunately not in Netbsd's hands. Most modern
graphical applications depend on/are built on udev/systemd. Let's see
what happens with pulseaudio for example. We (all *bsd + slackware and
a few other distros) might end up one day with no sound platform.

Ah, yes, perhaps I should have qualified that currently I have no need for audio or anything too modern. I've regressed my computing over the years from flashy and modern (E.g. Apple's Mail client) to plain and old (Mutt). Perhaps that's why NetBSD suits me?

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