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Re: How to install rxvt-unicode-256color termcap entry on machine without X

On 30-May-2014 14:31:11, Gerard Lally wrote:
I copied this terminfo source file to my home directory in NetBSD and
ran tic on it:

tic -s rxvt-unicode-256color.terminfo.

This created a .terminfo directory in HOME, and a subdirectory r with a
single file in r called rxvt-unicode-256color. No cdb extension in other

I'm stumped and confused. I don't understand how NetBSD could do that (not create a database file; a file with the .cdb extension). According to the man page for tic:

    The tic utility compiles terminfo(5) source into a database for use by
    other programs.  The created database path name is the same as the source
    but with .cdb appended.

The .terminfo directory and subdirecotry you describe is what I see on Arch
Linux, but not NetBSD.

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