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Using pulseaudio on NetBSD


   I have a media-PC running linux since 2+ years back.  From time to
time I try runnig pulseaudio on it, but so for it has never worked for
me, and I've had to revert to plain ALSA every time.

   How well does pulseaudio work on NetBSD?  I read somewhere that the
lead developer of pulseaudio had said something along the line of "screw
anything which isn't linux", so coupling how bad it works on linux (at
least for me), and the lead developer's disdain for anything which isn't
linux, I would assume that pulseaudio on BSD's would be difficult, to
say the least.  But I notice that there are a few "popular" (by some
measure) packages in pkgsrc which support pulseaudio and even have
pulseaudio enabled by default.

   Are there any users out there who are using pulseaudio on NetBSD with
some degree of success?  (As in "works, and I didn't have to spend an
afternoon trying to get it to work").

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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