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Re: Using pulseaudio on NetBSD


From: Jan Danielsson <>, Date: Mon, 05 May 
2014 21:26:54 +0200

> Hello,
>    I have a media-PC running linux since 2+ years back.  From time to
> time I try runnig pulseaudio on it, but so for it has never worked for
> me, and I've had to revert to plain ALSA every time.
>    How well does pulseaudio work on NetBSD?  I read somewhere that the
> lead developer of pulseaudio had said something along the line of "screw
> anything which isn't linux", so coupling how bad it works on linux (at
> least for me), and the lead developer's disdain for anything which isn't
> linux, I would assume that pulseaudio on BSD's would be difficult, to
> say the least.  But I notice that there are a few "popular" (by some
> measure) packages in pkgsrc which support pulseaudio and even have
> pulseaudio enabled by default.
>    Are there any users out there who are using pulseaudio on NetBSD with
> some degree of success?  (As in "works, and I didn't have to spend an
> afternoon trying to get it to work").

pulseaudio-2.1nb17 from pkgsrc/audio/pulseaudio works under NetBSD/amd64
6.99.40 at least. pulseaudio-2.1nb17 is slightly unstable, but works
in almost all case. I can play audio with Firefox's native HTML5 player,
and mplayer's pulseaudio output.

Newer pulseaudio does have no hald backend (sysutils/hal), and
I had not be able to update pulseaudio to 3 or later.
I have just written ugly hack for NetBSD OSS support code.

pulseaudio 5.0 with OSS backend works more stably than pulseaudio-2.1nb17 and
hald packaend.
But pulseaudio people will remove OSS backend in near future sadly...
They are concentrated on udev support.

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