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Re: Ext2 as a root filesystem: any contraindication?

[Reading some old mail ...]
> What if I use ext2 as a root filesystem?

This can be done. We did it as an experiment with NetBSD under Xen.

The one thing that we ran into was that /dev/ was mounted as a union
file system on top of an FFS system. That works fine for FFS, but the
ext2 driver doesn't support union mounts, so you might have to manually
populate the /dev directory in the undelying ext2 file system by using
/dev/MAKEDEV in single user mode; and then avoid the union mount. After
that it ran like a charm.

The error mode was that "/dev/console" seemed to be missing, which
created all kinds of surprises for the OS. (It's all _very_ confusing
until you pinpoint the problem. ;-)

                                Best regards,
                                  /Lars-Johan Liman

                                  (who realizes he should change his
                                  address on the list after the company
                                  merger ;-)
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