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IPV6 issues

I'm trying to upgrade to 6.1.3 and find myself on a steep learning curve with 
some of the new features.  NPF has been a trip, but I think I finally have it 
working.  (Documentation, examples, missing kernel modules, unreported or 
underreported errors and been a realy learning experiene.)

However my connection to my ISP doesn't support IPV6 so I'd like to disable it 
at least for the time being.  I can't find any sysctl knob to do this but I 
found an article that says the way to do this is with NPF.  The article 
indicates the way to do this is to add these two rules to the default group:
        block in inet6
        block out inet6
But these lines give syntax errors when I attempt an "npfctl reload".  Looking 
at the npf.conf documentation seems to indicate that the proper syntax (for the 
npf variant in 6.1.3) should be:
        block in family inet6
        block out family inet6
But that also gives a syntax error.

So I dropped back and decided that at least for the time being I'd build a 
kernel that doesn't have IPV6.   I commented out the "options INET6" line in 
GENERIC and tried building the kernel.  That fails during link with an 
unresolved reference to "stfattach".

My simple question is therefore, what's an easy way of disabling IPV6 in the 
GENERIC kernel?


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