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Re: IPV6 issues

Bob Nestor <> writes:

> However my connection to my ISP doesn't support IPV6 so I'd like to
> disable it at least for the time being.

So I would ask: why do you think you need to disable it?  By default,
the system will have no v6 addresses configured and should not incur
delays due to this.  Are you having a problem?

> So I dropped back and decided that at least for the time being I'd
> build a kernel that doesn't have IPV6.  I commented out the "options
> INET6" line in GENERIC and tried building the kernel.  That fails
> during link with an unresolved reference to "stfattach".

When disabling INET6, you surely also need to disable the stf
pseudodevice.  Arguably stf should have an #ifndef INET6/#error in it to
make this more obvious.

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