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memory leak in gethnamaddr?

I have a 6.1_STABLE/i386 system on which I run sge_qmaster from the 
sge- package.  This normally sits at a memory usage of 
around 48M but since upgrading from a 6.1_STABLE from around last Nov 
to a recent one it now continually grows in size until it runs out of 
memory after about 12 hours.

I've tracked the change down to the getaddrinfo/gethnamaddr changes in 
libc to make them reentrant that were pulled up in December.  Haven't 
noticed any problems in any other binary.

So is there now a memory leak in gethostbyaddr/gethostbyname or is 
sge_qmaster calling them in some bogus way that it used to get away 
with but doesn't now?  I can't see what that would be.


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