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pvcreate on dk0


I've got a little configuration issue with LVM2 against a 3TB disk. I configured a wedge with GPT and dkctl,
        gpt create wd4
        gpt add wd4
        dkctl wd4 addwedge pvdataffs 34 5860533101 ffs
note: there is no 'lvm' type available so I used ffs, it should be ok for LVM which doesn't care
and when I do,
        lvm pvcreate /dev/dk0
I get,
  Device /dev/dk0 not found (or ignored by filtering).
note : the filter in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf doesn't seem to be responsible for that, it's fine.

I just upgraded from amd64 6.0.1 to 6.1 and I still got that behaviour.

Any help on creating a PV on a >2TB disk ?

Here's related notes and considerations about this kind of issues.

It is really a shame not to be able to use disklabel directly on large disks. I don't need fdisk and MBR partition tables on my storage so the GPT and wedge stuff feels a little too much to me.

Besides, I tryed pvcreate on the 3 TB disk directly and I had to force size ({pv,vg}create --setphysicalvolumesize) and I encountered other issues later on seeing strange sizes informations (namely PV and VG almost free whereas there was a LV taking all the VG on it, and a size value for the LV in PiB...). So LVM on a >2TB disk isn't ready yet, especially not when forcing it (that part was testing with v6.0.1)...

In the end, the great LVM 'pvmove' and lv mirroring features are missing, but that's no news. I saw on haad's TODO ( that this is considered. hmm taken from raidframe? This leads me back to my sysadmin considerations: why not use Raidframe directly to migrate my data from one disk to another instead of pvmove?


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