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Re: pvcreate on dk0

I will have a look at it it's probably filtering issue only.

Could you post your /etc/lvm/lvm.conf ?

About pvmove and lv mirror there was some work done by ahoka@ in last
year gsoc I will have a look at it and I will try to merge it in base.
With that we should have working lvmirror and pvmove.

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:40 AM, Pierre-philipp Braun
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a little configuration issue with LVM2 against a 3TB disk.  I
> configured a wedge with GPT and dkctl,
>         gpt create wd4
>         gpt add wd4
>         dkctl wd4 addwedge pvdataffs 34 5860533101 ffs
> note: there is no 'lvm' type available so I used ffs, it should be ok for
> LVM which doesn't care
> and when I do,
>         lvm pvcreate /dev/dk0
> I get,
>   Device /dev/dk0 not found (or ignored by filtering).
> note : the filter in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf doesn't seem to be responsible for
> that, it's fine.
> I just upgraded from amd64 6.0.1 to 6.1 and I still got that behaviour.
> Any help on creating a PV on a >2TB disk ?
> Here's related notes and considerations about this kind of issues.
> It is really a shame not to be able to use disklabel directly on large
> disks.  I don't need fdisk and MBR partition tables on my storage so the GPT
> and wedge stuff feels a little too much to me.
> Besides, I tryed pvcreate on the 3 TB disk directly and I had to force size
> ({pv,vg}create --setphysicalvolumesize) and I encountered other issues later
> on seeing strange sizes informations (namely PV and VG almost free  whereas
> there was a LV taking all the VG on it, and a size value for the LV in
> PiB...).  So LVM on a >2TB disk isn't ready yet, especially not when forcing
> it (that part was testing with v6.0.1)...
> In the end, the great LVM 'pvmove' and lv mirroring features are missing,
> but that's no news.  I saw on haad's TODO
> ( that this is considered.  hmm
> taken from raidframe?  This leads me back to my sysadmin considerations: why
> not use Raidframe directly to migrate my data from one disk to another
> instead of pvmove?
> Thanks,
> Pierre-Philipp




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