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Re: Installation on a LVM partition (John Nemeth) writes:

>} Since GRUB2 can load LVM exists something (either a hack?) that I can do
>} for NetBSD boot on LVM ?

>     I believe "GRUB legacy" was capable of loading a NetBSD kernel.
>So, you can always try, but I don't know enough about it to give
>you any advice.  One thing I do recall is that you have to use a
>particular blocksize on the filesystem for GRUB to be able to read
>it, but I don't recall what the recommended blocksize is.

There are several obstacles.

MBR needs to find PBR
PBR needs to find /boot
/boot needs to find /netbsd
/netbsd needs to mount /

Even when you can make grub load /netbsd directly from an LVM partition
you still fail because the kernel doesn't understand LVM until it starts
the rc scripts.

For regular bootstrap you need

- LVM support and autoconfiguration in libsa, this helps PBR and /boot
- LVM autoconfiguration in the kernel

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